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Bon Jovi Wraps New Album, Mends Fences With Record Label

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Bon Jovi has wrapped production on its new album This House Is Not For Sale. The band posted a photo of the band at Electric Lady Studios on Twitter, underscoring that they’ve mended fences with its record label, UMG (Universal Music Group) by wearing a Mercury Records T-shirt. Bon Jovi had spent its entire career recording under the label’s Mercury imprint before parting ways last year when their contract was up — a situation that not only angered the New Jersey natives, but drew his ire in both the press and on the title track to Bon Jovi’s 2015 contract-fulfilling album, Burning Bridges.

Bon Jovi — who released the album under the Island imprint, which essentially controls the Mercury catalogue — will issue the new set via Island, as well. No release date has been set. Last year, Jon Bon Jovi reflected on parting ways with Mercury to Billboard, saying, “It is the end of an era. (It fulfills) a commitment to Mercury Records. After 32 years, we have parted ways. That is the big news. If you listen to ‘Burning Bridges,’ the song, it is clearly spelled out. This hits it right in the head and tells you what happened. Listen to the lyrics because it explains exactly what happened. And that’s that.”

When recently asked about the highlight of his career, Jon Bon Jovi gave an insightful and honest answer: [“That answer’s changed in the last 30 years. There was, y’know, the first time you’re driving in your car and you hear your song on the radio, you wanna go fast and get pulled over so you can tell the cop, ‘Look that’s me!’ (Laughs) To a point where you would turn it off, because, ‘alright enough, already’ — to then, real true appreciation when you realize it wasn’t one, or two, or five, or even 10 albums; there was a body of work. When you start talking about an honest to God body of work, then you realize how it’s become, y’know, a patchwork of American pop culture and you’re pretty proud of it. There’s a lot of people that’ve sung those songs for a lot of years.”] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . lot of years)

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