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Bob Dylan’s Accoustic Guitar Sells Big At Auction

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One of Bob Dylan’s most historic guitars was sold at auction for $396,500 on Saturday (November 11th). Rolling Stone reported Dylan’s classic Martin D-28 was famously used during George Harrison’s legendary 1971 Concert For Bangladesh at Madison Square Garden, the recording of 1975’s Blood On The Tracks, and Dylan’s primary acoustic during his 1975/1976 Rolling Thunder Revue tour. The guitar — which sold for nearly $100,000 more than originally expected — was purchased in 1977 by Dylan’s guitar repairman Larry Cragg for $500. A copy of the receipt was also sold along with the guitar.

Heritage Auctions, which handled the sale of the guitar posted: “According to Cragg, he has kept the guitar in a humidity-controlled environment, with loosened strings for the forty years it’s been in his possession, and it has not been played since it was wielded by Bob Dylan in 1977.”

Although George Harrison and Bob Dylan dabbled with writing together in the late-’60s, it wasn’t until 1988’s Traveling Wilburys project that the two began collaborating in earnest. Harrison recalled that the track “Dirty Work” was a direct result of the Wilburys all hanging around playing acoustic guitars — combined with Dylan’s off-the-wall humor: “Bob’s very funny, I mean, a lot of people take him seriously, but if you know Dylan and his songs — he’s such a joker, really. And he just sat down and we said, ‘Okay, ‘what are we gonna do?’ And Bob says (imitates Dylan) ‘Let’s do one like Prince!’ (Laughs) And he just started banging away, (imitates Dylan) ‘Love your sexy body, woo-oo-oo, baby!’ And it just turned, y’know, like, into that tune.”

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