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Be Cautious About Ticks And Tick-Borne Disease, But You Can Go Outside

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During May, the Cortland County Health Department focused on education concerning ticks and tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease. “We want people to be aware so that they can still enjoy the outdoors and not feel that Mother Nature’s out to get them,” said Diane Madik-Lamont, the Supervising Sanitarian in the Cortland County Health Department’s Environmental Health office. “We want people to be aware because being aware is your first line of defense.”

Registered Nurse Karen Felker-Harrity of the Cortland County Health Department’s Communicable Disease Program agrees. “We want people to be tick smart to be tick free, because being educated is your best protection,” she said.

How did we ever survive when people my age were younger? “There weren’t as many ticks here, we didn’t have the problem with ticks and Lyme Disease. With climate change it’s moving further west and further north, so, we’re seeing a lot more than we were used to. As kids, we never worried about it. No.”

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