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Bail-free release allows man to go on crime spree in Cortland

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With no ability to set bail, city of Cortland police have been forced to repeatedly catch and release 27-year-old Michael McCloy, listed as homeless, in relation to multiple recent burglaries.

Yesterday (November 23) around 6 am, authorities believe McCloy snuck into the Guthrie Cortland Medical Center COVID-19 testing site building on Homer Avenue.

Four laptops were stolen, along with various pieces of medical equipment. Evidence left behind at the scene led investigators to conclude that McCloy is likely the culprit.

He was also charged for several break-ins on Sunday (November 22), following a handful of prior incidents that included an overnight theft of 15 laptops from Saint Mary’s School on October 2.

No information is currently available on McCloy’s next scheduled Court appearance.

Police are using the opportunity to urge residents about being vigilant in keeping vehicles and homes locked at all times, even when you are home.

More info below on McCloy’s prior charges:

November 21

Arrested in the parking lot behind 22 Main Street with items stolen from a nearby vehicle.

McCloy was issued an appearance ticket for Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the Fifth Degree (M) and released.

November 22

City police were called to the Dollar General at 172 Homer Avenue for a reported break-in, where numerous items were strewn about the store and outside the back door.

A review of the store’s surveillance video showed McCloy in the store at 3:45 AM, gathering items that he apparently intended to steal from inside the store.

An audible alarm sounded, McCloy panicked and ran from the store, getting away with only cigarettes.

Patrols searched for him throughout the early part of the day without success in locating him.

Just before 2 pm, a woman called to report that her Clinton Avenue apartment had been broken into and that her PlayStation 4 gaming console had been stolen.

The manner of entry was unusual. Rather than simply force open the single locked wooden door, the suspect tore a large hole in the ceiling of the apartment building’s common area and climbed up into the ceiling.

Once there, the suspect travelled through the crawl space, then broke a large hole through the ceiling into the living room of an apartment and dropped down inside, taking a PlayStation 4 gaming console before walking out the apartment door.

The apartment’s resident reported that McCloy had been there shortly after 11 AM that morning asking to use a telephone — and that he saw the resident leave the apartment to run errands.

Around 4 pm, officers located McCloy walking near the corner of South Avenue and Main Street, pulling a large blue suitcase that contained the PlayStation 4 from the burglary and an additional Xbox game console he stole during a separate home burglary on Tompkins Street.

He was again arrested, then charged with Burglary in the 3rd Degree (F), Petit Larceny (M) and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 5th (M).

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