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Back-to-School Safety Reminders From Homer Police Chief Bob Pitman

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With schools returning to session today (September 5), Homer Police Chief Bob Pitman offered some important reminders regarding safety on the increasingly busy roads and sidewalks.


“There are going to be a lot of kids out and much more pedestrian and vehicular traffic in general. Make sure you’re paying extra close attention and use an abundance of caution in your decision making. Don’t speed in school zones and yield to pedestrians that have entered the crosswalks.”

Chief Pitman also reminded drivers not to block crosswalks or sidewalks when parking, and to be extra careful when following school buses.

“You should always give a school bus that’s in front of you several car lengths of space in case it stops unexpectedly. And don’t try to speed up and go around it when it’s stopping. Your putting yourself and others in great danger trying to save just a few minutes.”


To those who plan to walk to and from school, Chief Pitman reminds you to always use the sidewalk and, in the event there is not one, to walk on the side of the ride facing traffic.

“Always look both ways before crossing the street, regardless of whether there’s a crosswalk or not. Also, don’t text or listen to loud music while walking because it severely limits your awareness of everything that’s going on around you.”


Chief Pitman reminded those who ride bicycles to always wear a properly fitting helmet and to ride in single file lines on the shoulder of the road.

“Bikers also need to look out for things like parked cars pulling out or opening their doors. Certain hazards can pop up out of nowhere. Again, an abundance of caution can go a long way in preventing an accident.”


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