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B.B. King Announces He’s Receiving Hospice Care

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Blues legend B.B. King is receiving hospice care at home. The 89-year-old King posted a message on his official website,, writing: “I am in home hospice care at my residence in Las Vegas. Thanks to all for your well wishes and prayers.” Vintage Vinyl News posted the message comes on the heels of his daughter, Patty King, calling the police on B.B.’s manager Laverne Toney — who holds B.B.’s power of attorney — citing elder abuse. The blues legend had been hospitalized last month for what was is believed to be dehydration, due to his ongoing battle with diabetes.

According to the TMZ article, Patty King said that “his urine was orange and he wasn’t eating” as well as stating that B.B. also suffered a minor heart attack. Patty and her boyfriend filed charges with authorities against Toney for a second time. Authorities had reportedly refused to file charges for their initial effort.

Back in 2005, B.B. King ranked Number Three behind Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman in Rolling Stone magazine’s then- recent poll of rock’s best guitarists. King admitted to us that he was honored by the selection, but would not have placed himself so high: “Well, I liked it very much, but I learned a long time ago you don’t. . . Any time people are positive with you, the critics, you let go. But had they asked me, I wouldn’t have put me nothing like up that high. I would’ve thought that Eric Clapton and quite a few others would’ve gone ahead of me there. But, since they said it, hallelujah!”

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