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Assemblyman Gary Finch To Gov. Cuomo: “Where’s The Money Coming From?”

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DEC example of blue-green algae

Tuesday afternoon, Governor Andrew Cuomo puts the money being his latest ideas, making his annual Budget Address in Albany.

Area Assemblyman Gary Finch does credit the Governor for funding work on the blue/green algae problems in our lakes. “But at least it’s a help,” said Finch. “A very important one, and that I commend the governor on that, there’s no question about it. I’m concerned about where the money’s coming from.”

Finch told X101 he wants to know how the Governor plans to pay for his ideas. “This is not a time for new initiatives. This is a time to button up the spending that we have and take care of the initiatives that are out there.”

Finch says he sees through ideas such as Cuomo’s free tuition. “The whole program is set up for a national Presidential campaign, on the backs of the people of New York. And that’s pretty much the situation.”

He’s also not a fan of the Regional Economic Development competition. “You know, it pits one part of the state against the other. The Southern Tier has been left out of the equation now for the last three or four cycles. It’s not a good system.”

Assemblyman Finch would prefer that Cuomo stop blaming Washington. “I certainly think there are problems in Washington. There’s no question about that. But I don’t think the problems in Washington have anything to do with what’s going on in New York State at the moment. And who’s going to go to Washington and fix that? The same Governor that’s run this state right into the ground is now going to help the federal government. C’mon!”

Finch told X101 News he’s wondering about another key source of income for the state. “The brokers that work on Wall Street, they make up for about 15% of the New York State revenue that comes in in the form of taxes. We should be rolling in surplus money right now. And we’re $4-billion in debt, I mean something’s not quite right.”

Finch and the rest of the State Legislature will be examining how this new budget takes shape.

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