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Art Garfunkel Claims He And Paul Simon Are Like ‘The Seasons’

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Art Garfunkel likens his long and complicated relationship with Paul Simon to the changing seasons. Garfunkel is currently on the road and will publish his long-awaited autobiography, titled What Is It All But Luminous – Notes From An Underground Man, on September 26th via the Random House imprint. Garfunkel was asked about the state of his rocky friendship with the other half of Simon & Garfunkel and teased by saying, “Wouldn’t you like to know. Like seasons, we have warm periods, we have cool periods. We leave it alone. A friendship is fun when you’re tickled by the same things in life, and then it’s left alone when you’re not. That’s all.”

He recalled the pair acing their four song audition for Columbia Records back in 1964: “We left the studio hoping Columbia would sign us but feeling very good about our performance. Paul called me that night: ‘Artie, how come you’re not the greatest singer?’ That was his way of saying, ‘You did good work today! I think we got signed!’ This is Queens slang where you say things in reverse. That’s the sound of Paul & Arthur.”

Garfunkel went on to shed light on his upcoming memoir, explaining, “I’ve been writing this thing, not knowing what I was doing, just following the pen to paper whenever inspiration would get me. Out would come these prose poems. They would consume the week. . . Now a book of my life is coming out in September. It has a lot of these little one-minute jobs. I serve them up on stage between the songs.”

When we last caught up with Art Garfunkel — who has grabbed headlines over the past few years by slamming Simon for refusing to commit to a Simon & Garfunkel reunion — we asked him about the status of his relationship with Paul Simon these days: “I observe myself as a man who is devoted to music and musicianship. And if somebody is your old friend from the old neighborhood, and he’s a brilliant musician, you are very deeply connected to him. Because the music has captured you. So, I can see how much a blood brother Paul Simon is because his musicianship is first rate.”

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