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Ann Wilson Explains The History Of Heart’s ‘Barracuda’

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Heart’s Ann Wilson says there’s a “little secret” about their hit song, “Barracuda,” one that can make it hard to sing along to. She explained in musical terms, “The song’s in 4/4 and then there’s a bar of five beats in there, and then it goes back to 4/4. But the bar of five is kind of lurking in there, like a little surprise. And so, if you don’t know it’s coming, then it might throw you. You might end up with one foot in the air!”

She wrote the 1977 classic in response to a publicity-stunt rumor that was started by Heart’s record label, that she and sister Nancy were in a sexual relationship together. She told Ultimate Rock, “Those lyrics were written by my true nature, in true rage. I hope that that song will come in handy now – when women are thinking about what they want to do and not do.”

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