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We feature local programming, including local news, weather & sports and our music is programmed right here at our studios.

We also feature ABC News Radio at the top of all hours, plus specialty programming on the weekends! Full details on our programming can be found at

You want Cortland County and the surrounding areas to hear your message this is the place to do just that!

We have all types of sponsorship’s available on air in all day-parts and we have ad space available here on!

Why Radio you ask?

  • Radio is an effective medium
    • The top choice for audio and entertainment – at home, in-car and on the go.
  • Radio’s reach
    • Radio reaches 93% of Americans 18+ on a monthly basis.1
    • Radio continues to have a high reach among traditional media.1
      • 18+: 93%
      • 18-34: 87%
      • 35-49: 93%
      • 50+: 98%
  • Radio – a trusted ad medium
    • Americans trust traditional media the most
      • 45% of Americans said they somewhat or very much trust advertisements heard on the radio.7
  • Listeners value radio – for news, entertainment, and companionship
    • 48% of A18+ said radio puts them in a good mood.4
    • 46% of A18+ say that the radio relaxes them.4
    • Radio keeps listeners informed about local news (36%).5
    • 35% state radio improves their mood.5
    • 33% of listeners say that radio keeps them informed of emergencies.5
  • Radio is a part of everyday life
    • 46% of A18+ listen to radio 1 to 5 hours weekly while 33% of radio listeners listen 6+ hours per week.3
  • Radio is available across platforms and devices
    • 209MM P12+ have listened to online audio (includes AM/FM streams) in the past month.6
    • 73% of A18+ that have driven/ridden in a car past month have ever used AM/FM radio.6
    • 65% of radio listeners say that it is easy to listen to while in-car.5
  • Radio builds awareness among heavy radio listeners
    • Adults 18+ who are heavily exposed to radio (180+ mins/day) are 189% more likely to have shopped a jewelry store in the past four weeks compared to those with no radio exposure.8
      • 183% are more likely to have shopped a sporting goods store.8
      • 160% are more likely to have shopped an auto parts store.8
      • 137% are more likely to buy/lease a vehicle.8
  • Radio personalities connect with and influence listeners
    • 1 in 2 listeners have a favorite radio personality whom they have been listening to for an average of 8 years.9
      • Listeners (78%) share what they hear from their favorite personality with their family and friends.9
      • 77% of listeners would try a brand recommended by their favorite radio personality.9
      • 83% of radio listeners value and trust their favorite personalities’ opinions.9
  • Radio drives online activity
    • An analysis of 92K lawn and garden retailer ads exhibited an impact on web traffic.10
      • Increased visitor life average by 4%.10
      • There was an average on 4.0 new website visits per airing.10

Sources: 1) Nielsen Audio Today 2022, June 2022; 3) RAB; Statista, Radio Listener Monitor 2020; 4) 2021 MRI-Simmons Fall Doublebase; 5) Jacobs Media Tech Survey 2022; 6) The Infinite Dial 2022 – Edison Research/Wondery/ART19; 7) YouGov, Global study: Which types of ads do people trust, 2021; 8) The Media Audit 60 Market Aggregate 2020; 9) Katz Radio Group, Our Media, 2019; 10) NumericOwl, RAB Radio Grows Site Traffic for Lawn and Garden 2021

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