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Absentee Ballot Count Reaffirms Two Close Races

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The staff at the Cortland County Board of Elections Tuesday counted absentee ballots from last week’s election, but the results are the same. These results provided by Elections Commissioner Thomas Brown include the absentee ballots received to date. The vote will be certified by the Board of Elections next Tuesday, November 22, allowing more time in the unlikely event additional absentee ballots arrive.

Pat Perfetti

Pat Perfetti

Mark Suben

Mark Suben

Here are the unofficial totals in the race for Cortland County District Attorney:

Democrat incumbent Mark Suben   9,559

Republican challenger Pat Perfetti   9,790

cortlandvilleThe race for Councilmember in the Town of Cortlandville:

Democrat Thomas Gallagher   1,767

Republican Walter Kasperek   1,769

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