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A New Pest To Watch For: The Spotted Lanternfly

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The State Department of Ag and Markets hopes you’ll start watching for the spotted lanternfly.

It’s now in New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Spotted Lanternfly (USDA photo)

The spotted lanternfly causes harm by sucking sap from plant stems and leaves.

According to state officials, the pest loves ailanthus trees in particular, and attacks grapes, hops and apples.

If you see one, try to grab a photo and contact your local Cooperative Extension Office.

Link: Fact Sheet – Spotted Lanternfly

Communities are being asked to report any findings of spotted lanternfly to the Division of Plant Industry at (800) 554-4501 or, or to a local Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) county office.  

The insect is easy to identify with distinct markings.  Photos are available here.

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