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Rolling Stone Charlie Watts Still Not A Fan Of Fame

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There’s probably never been a more reluctant rock star than Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, and after over 50 years in the spotlight, his disdain for notoriety and all that comes with it hasn’t diminished. He spoke about the double-edged sword of fame to Mojo magazine, admitting, “I never liked it. Oh, I loved being in a band that was successful, and I loved it on stage. But once the curtains closed, forget it. I hated it. Still do, actually. But I love being in it and I love being around it. I love Mick (Jagger) being out there singing, or talking about what we’re gonna do next. I would hate to do that.”

When questioned about his warming to the crowds chanting his name during the show, Watts explained, “It’s part of the fun being there but I don’t take any of that seriously. Sometimes I hear it, sometimes I don’t. Recognition is not something I’ve ever built my life around. Trying to keep it together and getting up on stage is hard enough for me.”

Watts was pressed about being perceived as the sensible and critical voice in the Stones, to which Watts said: “Nah, I don’t think they even listen to me. Maybe they do, but I don’t think they take mush notice. They all do what they want anyway. All of ‘em. Ronnie (Wood) included.”

He went on to joke about how little his opinion seems to matter when Mojo asked whether guitarist Mick Taylor will be deputized again as a Stones live special guest, saying, “Unfortunately, no. But he should have done. See, nobody listens to me! I said I thought he should come.”

Charlie Watts explained that his personal interests have always rested far away from the circus of the rock world: “Y’know, I’ve never fallen into (the) celebrity rock star thing. I’ve always looked to other people who aren’t in that world with much more awe than rock n’ roll.”

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