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Please help this young family bring their baby home.

CAPCO is helping this young family but we need your help. Andrea Cole, a former Marathon student, was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, an aggresive form of breast cancer when she was about 28 weeks pregnant. She declined treatment while pregnant, but at about 32 weeks, the doctors decided that she could not wait any longer and induced labor. Ariana Rose was born weighing 2 pounds, 15 ounces. She was in the NICU for 20 days and did amazingly well and was able to come home. On April 12, after she had been home for a few weeks, she was fussy and not herself and Andrea took her to the pediatrician. While at the office, she stopped breathing. They were able to get her breathing again and she was taken by ambulance to Golisano Children’s Hospital. They were able to stabilize her and take her to the ICU but she repeatedly coded overnight. Finally, Andrea and Erik were called to the consult room and told that Ariana was not going to survive. They were trying CPR one more time. This time it worked, but she was far from stable. Ari’s parents were told to be thankful for every hour with her because they still didn’t think she would make it. Her EEG was quiet, indicating no brain activity.

Ariana’s parent’s needed to make the hardest decision of their lives. They waited to make any decisions and she started to have some movement and reaction in her eyes and was moving her fingers. They requested another EEG. She had another EEG about a week later and it showed slight improvement. She continues to make slow progress. They are still not sure what happened to cause this, but she has a severe anoxic brain injury. She depends on a vent to breath and has a g-tube.

In the meantime, Andrea has had to resume her chemotherapy treatments. She is about a third of the way into her second round of treatments. When she is done they will reassess her progress and she will have surgery.

At this time, Andrea and her family are getting ready to bring Ariana home. They will be moving in with her mother, Kathy, in Killawog, To do this, they need to create a bedroom downstairs. This is where you can help. CAPCO can provide part of the funding, but they do not have the resources to cover the entire cost. CAPCO will be setting up a fund to pay for the materials needed for the renovation.

Please donate to CAPCO and send a note or write on the check that the donation is to be used to help Andrea Cole. ALL FUNDS will be used to help this family. If we get more than we need for the renovations, we will use it for other things the family needs. The Strickland family is helping with labor and expertise.

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