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State Assembly Votes to Delay Start of New Teacher Evaluation System

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The State Assembly has voted Wednesday to delay the deadlines for the state’s new teacher-evaluation system.

The Assembly’s Legislation would give the State Board of Regents until Nov. 17 to install new regulations for rating teachers and principals in New York, moving back a June 30 deadline some Regents have said is unrealistic.

School districts would then have until Nov. 15, 2016, to negotiate with their local teacher unions and implement the new system. The current deadline is a year earlier.

The Assembly Legislation makes a number of changes to the newly enacted education reforms. The controversial plans include a revamped teacher-evaluation system that prevents teachers from receiving a high rating if their students perform poorly on state tests.

In addition to moving the deadlines for having the evaluation system in place, it would also remove a measure that would prevent school districts from receiving an increase in state funding if they miss the deadline

The bill now heads to the State Senate, where a similar-but-not-identical bill has been introduced.

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