Cortland Police Officer Tony Natoli Selected “Officer Of The Year”

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Officer Jeff Fitts, Cortland Police Department

Cortland Police Chief Michael Catalano gathered his officers in the City Hall Courtroom Thursday evening to present letters of commendation, certificates and awards.

Tony Natoli was named the Cortland Police Officer of the Year.

The PBA named Jeff Fitts as its exemplary officer of the year. Fitts was among the leaders in many of the measured categories on the job, according to PBA Vice President Nate Moran.

Chief Catalano has planned to present a commendation to a clerk at the Speedway on Port Watson Street for her work to help catch men who robbed the place. Catalano said she provided police with valuable information. Unfortunately, the Chief said, the woman couldn’t attend. She had to work.

Officer Kim Lawrence, Cortland Police Department

Training officer Chad Heinze recognized the “top shots” in the department, with scores of at least 98. Det. Sgt Dan Johnson and Officer Trevor Wenz both shot 100.

Officer Kim Lawrence was singled out for being the first female officer to score the benchmark 98 score. Lawrence told X101 she was surprised at her success. Heinze declared she was one of the most improved in the shooting training.


Other recognition:

Felony Arrests: 38-Patrick O’Donnell, 24-Jeff Fitts, 22-Derrick Edick

Misdemeanors: 55-Jeff Fitts, 38-Tyler Williams and Trevor Wenz

Violations: 134-Derrick Edick, 114-Jeff Fitts, 66-Trevor Wenz

Traffic Tickets: 469-Derrick Edick, 207-Ryan Riley, 188-Jeff Fitts

DWI Arrests: 9-Derrick Edick, 8-Chad Knapp, 6-Brendan Byrnes

Warrant Arrests: 47-Ryan Riley, 42-Kyle Green, 34-Tyler Williams

Parking Tickets: 905-Derrick Edick, 239-Joe Peters, 175-Trevor Wenz



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