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Cortland County Health Department Warns Of Carbon Monoxide Dangers

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Carbon Monoxide. The Cortland County Health Department and City of Cortland Fire Department remind you it often originates in household heaters & stoves, so keep them serviced and clean.

Diane Madak-Lamont of the Cortland County Health Department says carbon monoxide (CO) can be difficult to detect.

“Be very mindful of using things like that,” said Madak-Lamont. “Always keep ventilation going so that you’re not going to be getting carbon monoxide fumes built up. It’s tasteless. It’s odorless. You’re not going to notice it until it’s probably too late.”

The Fire Department reminds it is required you have at least one working carbon monoxide detector on the lowest floor of source & sleeping area.

It is also highly recommended to have additional detectors near living spaces such as bedrooms.

Madak-Lamont reminds us of other ways to help avoid the Carbon Monoxide risk, particularly if you have lost power and need to use a generator. “Don’t bring a generator into an enclosed space. Keep it outside so that the fumes dissipate more readily. Don’t use your stove or your oven to heat your apartment or home, that could be very dangerous. Have your furnace checked and cleaned.

The Cortland Fire Department or Code office invites you to contact them with any questions.

Link: Cortland County Health Department Carbon Monoxide

If you would like a free healthy home assessment, call today to qualify! Contact the Cortland County Healthy Neighborhoods Program at 607-428-5410.

Link: Healthy Neighborhoods Program

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