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Rick Springfield Calls Original Blues Set His ‘First Theme Record

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Rick Springfield’s first official blues collection is no tossed off acoustic stopgap of tried and true standards. The upcoming album, The Snake King, features all original material and will be released on January 26th via the Frontiers imprint. Although at times rocking a bit harder than his past few albums, Springfield hasn’t cast aside the hooks that have kept him a working songwriter for the past 45 years.

Springfield revealed that the new album tackles both personal and universal topics — often at the same time: “It’s stuff I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and I wrote it, actually, kind of, over a weekend, and got the basic form for a lot of the songs and what they’d be about — it happened pretty quick. And then I just fiddled with them over the months after that — but it came pretty fast, what approach and what the focus. . . and basically it’s the first ‘theme’ record (laughs) I’ve ever done, based on a character named ‘The Snake King.’ And sometimes that character is the devil, sometimes it’s God, sometimes its me — sometimes it’s, y’know — the news.”

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