National Coming Out Day Marked At SUNY Cortland

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Today, Wednesday, October 11, is National Coming Out Day (NCOD), “Which is the 29th anniversary of the National March on Washington for lesbian and gay rights,” said Courtney Stafford, the LGBTQ coordinator at the Cortland LGBTQ Center.

Stafford told us the process of coming out involves self-disclosure of one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity. “The most powerful thing an LGBTQ person can do is come out. It negates people from being able to say things like ‘well, we don’t have those kinds of people here’ because we’re clearly a part of this community.”

The LGBTQ Center, a SUNY student, and SUNY faculty organizations will share information in the Student Life Center on campus from noon until 3 today (Wednesday afternoon), including a special door you may want to try out. “We will just be there handing out some information and there will actually be a door that you can physically walk through if you feel like having fun with that and coming out of the closet.”

“It’s a way for those – maybe you’ve already come out of the closet,” said Stafford. “Maybe this is your first time. Maybe you want to do it in front of us but you’re not ready to do it in front of other people, but just sort of that symbolic ‘coming out,’ that statement of it.”

The Center will be tabling at the SUNY Cortland Student Life Center from 12 – 3 PM.

Courtney Stafford will also be a panel speaker at “I didn’t realize I was ______ phobic.” Starting at 7 pm tonight (Wednesday), panel members will talk about their experiences in realizing they had internalized stereotypes of LGBTQ.

The panel discussion will be held at SUNY Cortland’s Corey Union Exhibition Lounge.


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