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Ringo Starr shed light on his latest solo team-up with Paul McCartney on his upcoming album, called Give More Love, set for release on September 15th. McCartney is featured on two songs on the set — the rocker, “We’re On The Road Again” and the ballad, “Show Me The Way.” Ringo explained to Rolling Stone how he got the mini-Beatles reunion to happen: “I just called him up and said, ‘I got this song called ‘Show Me the Way,’ and I want you to play on it.’ Because he is a really good friend of mine, he said he’d come to L.A. for it. It’s about (my wife) Barbara. She shows me the way. I wanted it to be very personal. While he was there, he also played on ‘We’re On The Road Again.’ That was very kind of him.”

Ringo who joined forces with McCartney 55 years ago this month when he replaced Pete Best in the Beatles, went on to say about McCartney: “He’s an incredible musician. He’s incredible at singing too and as a writer, but for me, as a bass player, he is the finest and the most melodic. It’s always fun when we’re playing together. I’ve played on several of his records, mainly in the-’90s. People keep saying, ‘Oh, it’s been so long.’ It’s not been that long. We did the Grammys, we did that Beatles (TV) show three years ago. So we are still pals, but we don’t live in each other’s pocket.”

In light of the massive success of the recent Sgt. Pepper box set, Ringo was asked what’s next up in regards to the “Fab Four’s” legendary catalogue, to which Ringo said: “I hope they do the “White Album” and Abbey Road.” When pressed about Revolver and Rubber Soul, he joked: “I don’t know. Let’s say yes! (Laughs) If we don’t, forgive me.”

During Paul McCartney’s 2015 speech inducting Ringo Starr into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he touched upon the fact that when the Beatles first met him in 1960, Ringo was far more mature than any of them could ever imagine: “I mean, Ringo was like a ‘professional’ musician — we were just like slamming around, just singing and doing stuff. But he had a beard (laughter). That’s professional. He had a suit (laughter) — very professional. And he would sit at the bar drinking bourbon and seven (laughter). We’d never seen anyone like this (laughter). This was like a grown-up musician (laughter).”

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