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Cortland County Legislature Meets Thursday Night

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The Cortland County Legislature meets Thursday night at 6 at the County Office Building on Central Avenue in Cortland.

According to the public agenda, one of the first tasks will be some housekeeping.

It appears that legislators or the clerk of the legislature neglected or forgot to make “official” minutes from 11 special meetings dating to 2013.

Lawmakers will also pay tribute to County Treasurer Cynthia Monroe who’s retiring after 30 years of service.

The Legislature will also recognize Sheriff’s week – but the chair of the legislature may opt out, since he wouldn’t even put Sheriff Mark Helms’ name on his proposed jail committee – which the rest of the legislature shot down.

Just like at your office, the County Legislature will adopt a new mission statement.

Other agenda items:

Paying a Syracuse company to replace two security gates on the west side of the county office building for $3500.

The “new” Cortland County website is being prepared by a Kansas company, which just last year won a contract for the design of the site for $27,000, and an annual maintenance fee of $4,000. This far into the work, the company has asked for an additional $2,300 consulting fee for the transition to a new website. Here is an excerpt of the resolution before legislators:

WHEREAS additional consulting services have been recommended by the vendor in order to facilitate a smooth transition from the current County website to the new website…with the cost of said services not to exceed $2300.00.

Should legislators approve, the county will hire a company from New Jersey to remove, handle, transport and dispose of household hazardous waste at a cost of $42.50 a car, with a $4,500 minimum.

Legislators will be asked to approve dipping into the county’s contingency funds for its $14-thousand dollar share of security improvements for the Department of Social Services. That work is estimated to cost $58,000.

Lawmakers will also decide whether or not to spend $4,500 a year to add to online services for the Board of Elections.

The landmark vote of the evening could be if Cortland County legislators officially designate donated land in South Cortland as the site of any new jail or public safety complex.

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