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Cyndi Lauper, Heart, John Mellencamp, & Sheryl Crow Team Up For Mock Anti-Campaign Song

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Cyndi Lauper, Heart’s Ann & Nancy Wilson, Sheryl Crow, and John Mellencamp are among the musicians that appeared in the sketch mocking politicians’ penchant for using music without permission on the campaign trail. Vintage Vinyl News reported the bit, which was part of a larger piece on John Oliver’s HBO show, Last Week Tonight, also featured contributions from Michael Bolton, Usher, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, and Josh Groban — who provided the hysterical — but sadly, all true lyric: “If I wanted to sing and not get paid, I’d be on Spotify.”

Not too long ago, John Mellencamp told us that the recent environment in America has gotten him worried about the polarization between people across the country: “You can hardly walk down the street without hearing a conversation or people mad at each other, or read articles in (the) newspaper where people are mad, and I just don’t think that’s the way this country’s supposed to be run. People are not supposed to hate each other in this country.”

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