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Keith Richards Slams Adele & Rihanna For Not Being Self-Sufficient

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Keith Richards took time out to knock both Adele and Rihanna for not being self-sufficient songwriters. In all fairness, the interviewer at Time Out London led Richards with a pointed question, which asked: “The (Rolling) Stones are prolific songwriters, so do you think it’s crazy that huge artists today like Adele and Rihanna use so many songwriters?” Richards had no choice but to bite and answer: “Well, they can’t rely on themselves, can they?”

When pressed about his thoughts on music these days, Richards said, “We’re in the midst of a heavy-duty ‘showbiz’ period, even stronger than when we killed it last time. The X Factor and all this competition sh**. It’s just for people who want to be famous. Well, if it’s fame you want, good luck. You’d better learn to live with it.”

Keith Richards who not only writes his own material — but actually accompanies himself while performing it — gave the lowdown on his current armory of guitars: “For the five-string (open-G tuning) stuff I use Fender Telecasters, but on the six-string, I’ve always been interested in trying different guitars that turn up to me. Some are given and some are found for me by Pierre (de Beauport), my guitar man. Pierre knows what, what interests me. The Gibson, hell, the black (1959) Gibson (ES-355) I’ve been using a lot, it’s a lovely guitar; but I really like, y’know, sometimes you get a Gretsch. . . sometimes you get something from somebody that’s handmade themselves. I just love to experiment, really.”

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