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Schumer Proposes Crack-Down on Robo-calls

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U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is calling upon phone carriers to make robocall blocking technology available to landline and cellphone customers.

Schumer helped to pass the ‘Do Not Call’ list in 2003, but the technology of the robot callers has gotten around some of that legislation, particularly when it comes to cellphones. Schumer said despite the “Do Not Call” rules, hundreds of thousands of people continue to receive unwanted telemarketing calls.

The Consumers Union says there were 305,000 complaints about Do Not Call violations in September 2014. There is a security concern as well, robocalls can be used by scammers to prey senior citizens and others by coaxing them into paying fines and fees they don’t owe or give up valuable personal information like social security or bank account details.

Schumer said blocking technology can send an automated telemarketing call to a spam box, much like email spam blockers do.

Time Warner Cable has announced it will provide its phone customers with access to a robocall-blocking service.

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