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Roger Daltrey Says ‘The Music Business Has Been Stolen’

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Roger Daltrey, who along with Pete Townshend, is out on the Who’s 50th anniversary tour, feels that in many ways the future of music is doomed. Daltrey told The Standard, “The music business. . . it’s been stolen. Nobody wants to put in any money on nurturing artists — if you don’t have the first hit, ‘Goodbye!’ In our days, people wanted to take chances and we were allowed to.

The artists ran the business. Now, business runs the artists. You get accountants and lawyers basically deciding who’s going to make it and who’s not. . . It won’t be long until we have another Sex Pistols. There’s not enough anger out there in the music. And there’s not a lot of contemplation in the lyrics, it’s all very sweet … But that’s the iPhone generation.”

Daltrey explained that fans will still probably see the Who again after this year — just not on tour: “We will always do shows for charity, when we can, because it’s of enormous value to people and Pete and I love to play. But we won’t do long, schlepping tours. It’s killing us.”

Roger Daltrey told us that these days, due to his aging vocal cords, he’s learned to properly pace himself within his live performances: “We can only play for two hours. Y’know it gets to be, for me personally and my voice, two hours is enough singing the way I sing. It’s not an easy number these songs. They’re very, very challenging. They demand the kind of energy that the voice needs to give it.” in London at the Teenage Cancer Trust Benefit at Royal Albert Hall.

They kick off their Stateside dates on April 15th at Tampa, Florida’s Amalie Arena. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts will serve as the tour’s opening act for both North American legs.

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