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Another Facebook Hoax Is Going Around!! Hopefully, You Didn’t Fall For It

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Another Facebook hoax is going around. I guess the temptation to get in on some of Facebook’s millions is pretty high. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen my friends get duped!

This message began circulating on Facebook earlier this month falsely claiming that Mark Zuckerberg, (the CEO/Founder of Facebook) said that if users liked a specific legitimate post that he had shared, posted a specific message explaining the alleged giveaway and tagged five friends on that post, then they would have a chance to win some shares of the company.

The supposed payout: 10 percent of the estimated $45 billion worth of Facebook shares that Zuckerberg had announced he is donating to charity.

Facebook did confim this is not true, so if you see this message or a varations it’s just a hoax. Hopefully this is the last time have a Facebook hoax, for awhile anyway.

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