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3rd COVID-19 case confirmed in Cortland County

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UPDATE – 4 pm

Officials now say they’ve traced the 3rd positive COVID-19 case in Cortland County to a local healthcare provider office, resulting in 22 additional contacts in seven counties at risk of potential exposure.

According to the Cortland County Health Department, all local contacts have already been notified and will be issued public health orders to isolate or quarantine under their supervision. Out of county residents have been referred to their local health departments.

That now brings the total amount of county residents under mandatory quarantine to 40, none of who are presently symptomatic.

Eleven of those are linked to the newly confirmed cases.

The Health Department will not release further details about these residents to respect their privacy.

“The Cortland County Health Department has been working closely with the healthcare provider office and is pleased with the cooperation and quick provision of information to assist us with getting in contact with all the individuals involved,” said Public Health Director Catherine Feuerherm. “The sooner our public health nurses are able to reach those impacted, get them safely in their homes, and guide them through the quarantine practices and needs, the safer our community will be. By identifying and treating the disease at earliest onset, we prevent hospitalization and can save beds for those with critical need.”


A third case of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been confirmed in Cortland County: A resident in their 50’s who isn’t believed to be linked with the other two cases.

The County Health Department is now working to identify and reach anyone who may have had contact with these individuals.

Currently, there are 30 residents who aren’t symptomatic but are self-quarantining for the recommended 14 days. Some members of this group are related to the first three confirmed cases.

Health officials say they won’t release any more details to protect the privacy of each patient.

“The COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease is here in our community. As testing continues, we expect to identify more cases,” said Public Health Director Catherine Feuerherm. “We are all responsible for slowing down the spread and protecting our most vulnerable.”

More from the County Health Department:

All members of the community should be monitoring themselves for symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, and/or difficulty breathing.

Those who develop symptoms should stay home and call your doctor for further guidance about testing.

If you are elderly, have underlying medical conditions, or are immunocompromised, call your doctor early even if your illness is mild.

In an emergency call 911.

If you have symptoms and do not have a doctor, call the NYSDOH hotline: 1-888-364-3065 or visit their website.

For general Inquiries:

Cortland County Hotline: 607-756-3415

New York State Hotline for COVID-19: 1-888-364-3065

The Cortland County Health Department still doesn’t have testing capabilities at this time.

Those who wish to be screened are referred to their own provider or testing sites in Ithaca or Syracuse, with a new COVID-19 sampling center opened just yesterday by Cayuga Health and Tompkins County at the Ithaca Mall.

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