Roger Daltrey Admits Latest Solo Project Easier Than Recording For The Who
Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Roger Daltrey Admits Latest Solo Project Easier Than Recording For The Who
Roger Daltrey admits that embodying Pete Townshend’s songs isn't exact a walk in the park. Daltrey has been receiving great notices for his recent collaboration with Wilko Johnson on their joint project, Going Back Home. The recording of the album -- which went Top Three in the UK -- was both quick and organic, and Daltrey was asked how that measures up to recording a typical Who album. Daltrey told, "Well, Who lyrics are so wordy and it’s a different mindset completely, this was just great fun. I mean, I’ve always loved the challenge of Townshend’s songs, but I wouldn’t say they’re all fun! It’s always a great sense of achievement when you get a great vocal done on one of them, but it’s a lot of work sometimes, not necessarily always fun to do at the time!"
Daltrey was asked about the Who’s just released CD/DVD set, Quadrophenia: Live In London, and said, "It was filmed at Wembley (Arena) last year. . . Hottest day of the year, I look like a drowned rat! But I think they’ve captured it really well.

Musically it’s a very complex project, so it’s a difficult show to capture, with the visuals and everything behind it. I’ve been watching a lot of bands on the TV lately and I must say, they all look the f***ing same. The swooping cameras, the lights, the hair. It’s so dull. There’s so much going on the videos you forget the music."
Daltrey explained that the band playing the songs is all the bells and whistles the DVD needed: "We just said ‘look, put the cameras on me & Pete and watch the performance.’ There’s not a swooping camera in it. I don’t know anyone who’s watched a rock n' roll show running from left to right at 30 miles an hour."
Roger Daltrey told us that he always thought that Quadrophenia perfectly captured the ups and downs of adolescence -- along with showcasing the combined personality of the Who: "A band that makes music has chemistry. So if you kind of fuse those characters together and you take what we're like through that period of adolescence, y'know, we're trying to find out who we really are. So we are kind of different characters within ourselves. We kind of thought, well, this is interesting, you can take the four members of the band -- there's four sides of a person, and that person is 'The Who,' and that's the music."

Photo Courtesy of Rick Diamond
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