Boston's Tom Scholz Says Band's Catalogue Is Tough To Play Live
Thursday, May 1, 2014
Boston's Tom Scholz Says Band's Catalogue Is Tough To Play Live
Boston is gearing up for a major North American tour in support of its latest album, Live, Love & Hope. Leader Tom Scholz was asked if the prospects of a new road trek finds him wanting to dig deep into the band's catalogue in order to spotlight a few personal favorites. He explained to Ultimate Classic Rock, "Of course, we’ve only got so many minutes on the stage. So we chose a few of them. At a lot of the shows, we’ll be doing ‘Can’tcha Say (You Believe In Me)’ from the Third Stage album and ‘I Think I Like It’. . . We will be doing ‘Heaven On Earth’ and a couple of tunes from our new Life, Love & Hope album. But we’ll also be doing the ones everybody expects -- the obvious Boston hits starting with ‘More Than A Feeling’ and going from there. I’m not one of those artists who doesn’t want to play their most popular songs. I’m really excited about playing ‘More Than A Feeling’ again."
Whether old or new, Scholz admits that the band's material is always a struggle to adapt from the studio to the road: "All Boston songs are fairly difficult to translate to the stage. None of them are especially easy to play or sing. A lot of them, of course, have very involved arrangements with lots of different sounds and sections that are difficult to play and sing. The prospect of doing any Boston song live is always an endeavor in itself."
Scholz, who is known alternately as one of rock's biggest perfectionists and workaholics, revels in his time on the road with Boston: "Playing live was always definitely a lot more fun. You picture it: working alone in the studio eight or 10 hours a day with nobody else there being frustrated and driven crazy by all of the things that you have to deal with vs. thousands of people screaming and singing along with you playing. It’s kind of a no-brainer -- playing live is definitely the good part of it."
When pressed about the long delayed Boston live DVD he's had on the back burner for ages now, Scholz admitted: "It’s still in the back of my mind. I still have countless recordings of Boston playing every possible song with numerous different arrangements live. It’s a very tantalizing thing to do, so it’s still something that I’m considering putting together. At the moment, just having come off finishing the CD after a very long time in the studio and getting ready to go on the road, right now all I’m thinking about is playing my songs on a real stage."
Tom Scholz told us that his creative process is such that he's not afraid of realizing that he's hit a musical dead-end and scrapping the piece entirely: "Basically I get an idea that interests me for a song or a piece of music, and I’ll just start to work on it, and wherever it goes, I follow it. And, y’know, it doesn’t always end up in a good place. I’ve worked on songs for six months and thrown them away. So, it. . . I never know what’s going to happen. Sometimes I get lucky and things just fall into place and it’s very easy. Most likely it’s not and I’ll spend, typically, months developing and idea and arrangement and the idea for how to record this particular song." 
August 5 - Salt Lake City, UT - Usana Amphitheatre 
August 6 - Englewood, CO - Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre
August 9 - Sparta, WI - Fort McCoy Army Base
August 8 - Lincoln, NE - Pinewood Bowl Theater
August 9 - Sparta, WI - Fort McCoy Army Base
August 12 - Springfield, IL - Illinois State Fair Grandstand
August 14 - Kansas City, MO - Starlight Theatre 
August 15 - Rogers, AR - The Walmart AMP 
August 16 - Whites Creek, TN - The Woods At Fontanel 
August 17 - Cincinnati, OH - The Shoe 
August 19 - Cleveland, OH - Jacobs Pavilion At Nautica 
August 20 - Columbus, OH - The LC Pavilion
August 22 - Raleigh, NC - Red Hat Amphitheatre
August 24 - Vienna, VA - Filene Center At Wolf Trap
August 26 - Baltimore, MD - Pier Six Pavilion 
August 31 - Huron, SD - South Dakota State Fairgrounds
September 3 - Nampa, ID - Ford Idaho Center Amphitheater
September 4 - Spokane, WA - Spokane Arena 
September 5 - Woodinville, WA - Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

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