Anita Baker On Arrest Warrant: 'I'm Terrified'
Monday, March 24, 2014
Anita Baker On Arrest Warrant: 'I'm Terrified'
Anita Baker says she was shocked to find out that there was a warrant out for her arrest stemming from a missed court date over a dispute with a home contractor. The R&B legend told TMZ that she hired Ray Smith Painting and Decorating in 2009 to repair the outside of her home -- which was damaged by a storm. She was charged $75,000 and she paid $60,000 upfront.
Anita then claimed that the contractor didn't finish the project -- and that the guy did such a bad job that she ended up finishing the project herself. Since she didn't pay him the $15,000 balance, he ended up suing her, but the singer claims that she was never served with legal papers and had no idea about the suit.
After she was a no-show in court, the judge entered a default judgment. Then in July 2013, the contractor tried to get Anita in court -- and claimed that he put a notice on her front door, but she was on tour and never saw the notice and doesn't believe it was ever placed there. Since she was a no show at that court hearing, a warrant was issued out for her arrest.
Anita told the site about the arrest warrant, "I've never been in trouble with the law. I'm terrified." The singer says she is going to court next week to get the warrant lifted and the default judgment set aside.
She added, "There's no justice in the justice system."

Anita also wrote via Twitter, "WHATTT??!!... sittin' in the kitchen watching this on TV. BIG time crazy. Atty on his way to TV Station. Devil sho is busy. As I slumbered & slept, he kept me safe from all hurt harm or danger... His Plan is Greater than man's plan :) Cup OVERFLOWS w Gratitude!"
She added, "THANK YOU, for ALL the LOVE & LIGHT u've sent my way. All is well :) Light is Dim... But SHINING ANYway! Grateful 4 every lesson, ab."

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