Graham Nash Talks Frankly About Ted Nugent, Barack Obama, And Pot
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Graham Nash Talks Frankly About Ted Nugent, Barack Obama, And Pot
During a recent chat with, Graham Nash blasted rocker Ted Nugent and had a few choice word for President Obama, as well. Nash, who’s currently out on the road with Crosby, Stills, & Nash, was asked if dealing with his at times temperamental bandmates over the years has made life easier for him in the outside world, with the interviewer saying: "So after dealing with Steve Stills, Ted Nugent isn't a big deal?" to which Nash responded: "No, he's just an idiot. God bless him, he stands up for what he believes, but I completely disagree with him on so many points. It's happening right now with the Tea Party and Ted Cruz and Ron Paul -- they're attacking Obama on every single thing: the length of his fingernails, how many sheets of toilet paper he uses. None of it helps, particularly with the situation in the Ukraine."
He went on to say, "I’ve supported Obama; I worked very hard to get him elected, and so did David (Crosby). But I don't agree with everything that he's doing. I certainly don't agree with the NSA recording this conversation that we're having right now. I don't agree with his stance on whistleblowers. He talks a good story regarding Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, but we need whistleblowers, and they should be protected. ‘We need to support whistleblowers and encourage them, except those two’ -- he talks a good story but I have disagreements with Obama, and he knows it. But he has tried his best, and he's a very, very bright man, and he has a wonderful soul, and it must be insanely difficult to be president of the United States."
Nash touched upon the positive aspects of legalizing marijuana, explaining, "Obama admits to smoking dope when he was a kid. Most bright people have tried it at some point. When other states look at Colorado (after legalizing recreational marijuana) -- this year alone they made millions and millions of dollars because it's being taxed properly. I watched Lawrence O'Donnell last night, and he said something very, very profound and very simple. He said, why would you not tax marijuana and legalize it the same way that we do with tobacco, which kills about 300,000 Americans a year. Or alcohol, which kills many, many thousands of people -- not only from alcoholism but from drunk driving. I don't know one person that died from smoking dope. Not one."
Graham Nash, who was born and raised in Britain -- but is now a full-fledged American citizen, told us that the disparity between what America is and what it should be is shocking: "I mean, what are we now, 25th in the United States? 25th in math in the world? 26th? I mean, that’s absurd. It seems, on the surface, that we are preparing a populace of sheep that should just lie down, shut up, buy another pair of sneakers, buy another soft drink, and lie down why we rob you. And people are beginning to realize that that’s what’s going on. That’s what Occupy Wall Street was all about. When David (Crosby) and I went down there, it was very obvious that there’s an anger in this society that is genuine." 
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