Keith Richards Says Rolling Stones Shows Are As Natural As Breathing
Monday, March 3, 2014
Keith Richards Says Rolling Stones Shows Are As Natural As Breathing
The Rolling Stones' 14 On Fire Tour is underway with dates in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Tokyo already under the group's belt. Keith Richards admits that gearing up for a new tour is a touchy situation -- even for "The World's Greatest Rock N' Roll Band." He spoke about the band's pre-tour workouts, telling Time Out Hong Kong, "There’s always a point when you arrive at rehearsals on the first day, you’re always wondering is it all gonna click together. But the minute you’re in the room and Charlie Watts starts to hit the drums, it’s like breathing, man, it’s so natural. All we do in rehearsals is really try and improve on what we’ve done before and work out a few possible songs that we can throw in to just change up the set list here and there.
Richards explained that he awaits Mick Jagger's call to tell him to get ready for the road. He was asked whether he fears that sometime in the future, that call may never come again: "It’s always possible I suppose. I mean we are kicking along now. I think we’re all pensioners -- officially -- although I don’t feel like it and I don’t think anybody else does. I think it’s in the blood, y’know -- you love your job and there’s nothing like really standing in front of a load of people and going ‘come on, yeah, yeah, yeah’ and them giving you encouragement. I mean it’s one of the best jobs in the world man. He went on to joke: "And I’m pretty well paid too."
He was asked whether after all these years, he still practices the guitar: "Every day, man. I’ve got to keep my chops together. Also every day I get an idea. Sometimes it might be just for five minutes, but usually every day I play a little bit and if not, I go to the piano. "
Keith Richards told us that luckily the Stones are all in great shape for their age and pretty much always more than road ready: "I think everybody basically keeps themselves in pretty good shape. Nobody's get any, any problems at all -- minor or major, I think. It's. . . In a way, I think it's good for me (laughs)."

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