Pete Townsend Says It's Still Difficult Being In The Who
Monday, December 30, 2013
Pete Townsend Says It's Still Difficult Being In The Who
Pete Townshend is still undecided on what form, if any, a new Who album would take as a possible tie-in for the band's upcoming 2015 world tour. Townshend, who's been on the fence about letting the group co-opt his recent material conceived for his eagerly awaited multimedia project, called Floss, told BBC Radio that the demand for new Who music seems negligible, at best, explaining, "The 50th anniversary is something to celebrate, but today we can make a record and nobody would be interested in it. As a solo artist I think I can make a record that is exactly the kind of record that can serve what it is that I feel that I need to do. I feel that under the Who banner, Roger (Daltrey) and I have great difficulty."
He went on to say, "I'm not saying we are at odds, I'm not saying we are at war, I'm not saying we don't know what to do, I'm just saying that it's difficult. It always has been difficult, and it's no less difficult today. I think it's more difficult today because we might be thinking or telling ourselves, this is the last record we are ever, ever gonad make together that anyone is going to take any notice of really, because it's our 50th anniversary."
Townshend spoke frankly about how he and Daltrey differ in regards to what could very possibly be the Who's final studio album: "There are two ways to go about it. There's the Roger Daltrey method which is 'Pete, lets just stop worrying about it and lets go into the studio with a good bunch of great guys and lets just knock out some songs and see how it comes out.' Or there's my side of it which is, this is an opportunity to make a record that might be a bit smart, a bit clever, a bit exciting, a bit dangerous. It might be the best record we ever make. So there are those two sides of it. That's our difficulty."
Townshend went on to hint that the 50th anniversary tour will be part victory lap, part swan song: "I think it will be 2015, and I think it will be BIG, only from my point of view. Roger will be 70, I will be damned close, I will be 70 in May in 2015. I don't want to have the possibility of having to tour hanging over me, so my notion is to tour to make people happy, make myself happy, and just sort of get that behind me. And then to maybe downsize in my life, and try and work out what it is I want to do as a musician, a composer, a writer, whatever."
Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey spoke frankly about the possibilities of new music from the Who in the near future: "(Pete Townshend): The only thing is is that I'm not sure whether what I write today, y'know, whether you can rubber stamp it as 'Who music.' But what I think we found was Roger and I will adapt to whatever happens and whatever I write and we'll see what happens, so all I can do is write the music and pass it to Roger and see what happens. (Roger Daltrey): I just think whatever you write, even if it's a piece of jazz, and it's got words and you play it, and I sing it -- that's Who music. That'll do me."

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