John Fogerty Says Full Album Shows Transport His Audience
Wednesday, December 4, 2013
John Fogerty Says Full Album Shows Transport His Audience
John Fogerty recently raised the bar with his full album shows in which he revisited a Creedence Clearwater Revival classic at each concert. While on the road touring behind his critically acclaimed album of collaborations, called Wrote A Song For Everyone, fans were treated to a performance of either 1969's Bayou Country or 1970's Cosmo's Factory played in its entirety.
Fogerty explained that it was his wife's idea to present the albums within the context of his recent concerts, telling North Carolina's News & Record, "The more I thought about it, what it did was it kind of placed you in that era. And it made you remember a lot of stuff that was around the album. I'm a fan, I buy albums, too. I sure remember sitting with Elvis (Presley's) first album, I don’t know how many thousands of times. Or Buddy Holly & The Crickets' first album. And you sit there, and you're listening. You’re just in that place because it was so magical. And somehow that stays in you."
He went on to explain that he's happy to help put fans back into the comfort zone of hearing a favorite album out of the context of say, their bedroom or car: "That little chapter gets tucked away in your brain even though you live another 40 years. But somehow going and doing that, listening to the whole record puts you right back in that place you were all those years ago when you did it that way. It’s a pretty fascinating phenomenon."
Although Creedence went on to record two further studio sets following 1970's Cosmo's Factory -- 1970's Pendulum and 1972's Mardi Gras -- he feels that Cosmo's marked the end of his classic run as the leader of the band: "Basically, Cosmo's Factory was really the very end of me being very strong and very pure and very clear in my direction. And after that, the fine-running machine was starting to get a little wobbly. Democracy’s a wonderful thing. But as we all know in America, it’s really hard to manage."
Since he returned to performing his Creedence classics in concert over 15 years ago, John Fogerty has maintained that the songs are able to reflect his past while staying a part of his future: "I sure don't want to be a 'retro' person at all. Y'know, that's one of the reasons I never wanted to tour under the name Creedence Clearwater -- whatever. Those days are long, long, gone, and I'm just too current and competitive -- I mean, I have things to do now."
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