Cher Slammed On Twitter for Calling Sarah Palin A 'Dumb C-word'
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Cher Slammed On Twitter for Calling Sarah Palin A 'Dumb C-word'
Social media outlets slammed Cher on Monday (November 18th) after she presumably called Sarah Palin a "dumb C-word." The singer took to Twitter on Friday (November 15th) and wrote, "Go to the dictionary, & look up the 'C' word, … next 2 the definition … you’ll see a pic of Sarah Palin! No … wait … she’s under dumb C word." She then followed up the tweet saying, "Double my last twt & throw in the T-Jihadists."
Cher received kudos from Twitter users who shared her sentiments, but she also received attacks from users where weren't very fond of the tweets. One user wrote the singer saying, "What are you next to in the dictionary? B*tch? Old? Hag? Ugly?"
Media outlets also weighed in on the singer's tweets. A headline on said, "Feminist Cher empowers women by calling Sarah Palin the C-word; shatters glass ceiling of crazy." The shared their input and asked, "What would Cher say if a conservative made similar comments about a prominent female liberal?"

Palin has not responded to these comments as of yet.

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