Pete Townsend Says 2015 Who Project Will Follow Solo Set
Thursday, November 14, 2013
Pete Townsend Says 2015 Who Project Will Follow Solo Set
Pete Townshend finally shed some light on his long awaited solo project, called Floss -- and revealed that a new Who project is in the works in time for the band's 2015 world tour. Townshend revealed to Brazil's O Globo, "I am in the middle of a solo project called Floss. It will be released next year. That will almost certainly be followed by a 50th anniversary Who project in 2015.
When asked if rock can still "change lives" and "make people get into art," Townshend explained, "(Floss) is very serious, about our fear of the future. But rock music always provides a soft entry to serious issues, and if you wish you can just take the soft path. Rock is entertainment first.
Townshend, who's now 68, took time to discuss mortality and the afterlife: "As you get older life gets better. That's my experience. But time also seems to speed up, the clock runs very fast indeed. So looking back the early years seem very long and drawn out, and of great significance. The more recent times seem like a whirl of catching up on simpler thing, peace, quiet and necessary visits to the dentist. As a follower of the Indian Master Meher Baba (since 1967) I should believe in reincarnation. It explains everything about good and bad human behavior and the universal system of justice -- karma. But the idea that I might have to go through all this again (probably as a woman) is not appealing -- like anyone approaching 70 years old I am tired of life, but only in some ways."
He went on to say: "So in a way mortality is lose-lose, but could be win-win. If I come back, well that will have its pros and cons. If I don't come back, well that would be OK too."
After the Who's last album, 2006's Endless Wire, enjoyed only a short shelf life in the Top 10, minimal radio airplay, and sold below his expectations, Pete Townshend has been hesitant in committing to writing and producing a new Who album. He says that the days of touring behind a new project hardly ensures that the album will be a commercial success: "I just think that the Who are an anomaly. We're an anomaly like the (Rolling) Stones, we're an anomaly like any 'boomer' band -- or any band that appeals to boomers. And I think if you're a new band today, don't go there. Don't even bother with it.

Because the record companies, y'know if you went to them and you said, 'We've got a great record here, we've got a 100,000 fan base and we're willing to tour the world,' they kind of go, 'Are you gonna give us a hit?'"

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