Lindsey Buckingham Says Christine McVie Won't Tour With Fleetwood Mac
Thursday, September 19, 2013
Lindsey Buckingham Says Christine McVie Won't Tour With Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac fans are buzzing over Christine McVie's upcoming performance with the band in Dublin on Saturday (September 21st) at The O2 Dublin. McVie, who quit the band in 1998, shortly after Fleetwood Mac's massive reunion tour behind its live album The Dance, has chosen to live a quiet, semi-retired life in England, but according to Stevie Nicks, will be traveling with the band to Ireland.
When we last caught up with him, Lindsey Buckingham told us that McVie didn't just quit Fleetwood Mac -- she started an entirely new life: "You have to backtrack to. . . with Christine. When she quit the band, clearly, she was not happy touring. She was. . . she never did enjoy the touring very much, but she felt the need to burn, pretty much, every bridge she had in the United States. She got a divorce, she sold her house, she sold her publishing, for God sake, she quit the band, she moved back to England and it was a radical series of things she did, and I'm not sure why."
Buckingham went on to talk about how drummer Mick Fleetwood has been trying to draw McVie out of her shell, having her come visit him in Hawaii and keep up a relationship of sorts with her former bandmates: "She got on a plane and she went over to Maui, and she spent, y'know, a few weeks over there with Mick, which I think was a great pallet cleanser for her. And my understanding is that it got her, sort of, re-energized. She came over to L.A. and the five of us had dinner together, and that was great fun. It was very interesting to see what that extra piece of the puzzle does to the overall equation. But, y'know, beyond that, I don't think you can say too much about it. I don't think. . . Y'know, maybe Mick in the back of his mind thought he was gonna accomplish something having to do with the band."
15 years after her departure, Buckingham is able to look at McVie's status with the band with great clarity despite the fans and Mick Fleetwood's desire to see McVie back in Fleetwood Mac: "Christine is never going to re-join the band, she's never going to tour with us, she's never really going to do anything -- I mean, if she wants come up and do 'Don't Stop' when we're in England, I'd love to see that. But beyond that, I just doesn't see that there was anything that could have come out of that beyond just the short-term objectives of that particular mission."
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