Rumored Tracklisting To Paul McCartney's 'New' Album Leaked
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Rumored Tracklisting To Paul McCartney's 'New' Album Leaked
The usually reliable Beatles fan site,, has posted the rumored track-listing to Paul McCartney's upcoming album, called, New. Although unofficial, four of the songs can be confirmed after the album's various producers have gone on record stating that the sessions have yielded tracks called, "Alligator," "Hosanna," "Secret Life Of A Party Girl," and obviously, the already-released title track, "New."
McCartney biographer Christopher Sanford says that despite how history has portrayed him -- it was always Paul McCartney that led the way for the Beatles' more experimental music ideas: "I think the idea that Paul was the avant-garde one in the band, I mean musically, is an under-explored theme. Y'know, a lot of people have bought into the standard line which was that John was the envelope pusher, John was the one 'out there.' Paul was way more out there than John Lennon was when they were doing Revolver and of course Sgt. Pepper. It was Paul who was coming into the studio with tape loops and saying, 'Let's put these sounds on like seagulls shrieking,' and John looked at him . . . (laughs) 'Well, what's that?' Y'know?"
The -- still unconfirmed -- track-listing to Paul McCartney's New, due out on October 15th is: 
1. "Save Us" 2:39 - Album track
2. "Alligator" 3:27 - Album track
3. "On My Way To Work" 3:43 - Album track
4. "Queenie Eye" 3:48 - Album track
5. "Early Days" 4:07 - Album track
6. "New" 2:56 - Album track and single
7. "Appreciate" 4:28 - Album track
8. "Everybody Out There" 3:21 - Album track
9. "Hosanna" 3:29 - Album track
10. "I Can Bet" 3:21 - Album track
11. "Looking At Her" 3:05 - Album track
12. "Road" 4:36 - Album track
13. "Scared" 2:59 - Bonus track
14. "Secret Life Of A Party Girl" 6:15 - Bonus track

Photo Courtesy of Mary McCartney
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