Paul McCartney Inspired By Latest David Bowie Album
Friday, September 6, 2013
Paul McCartney Inspired By Latest David Bowie Album
Paul McCartney finds David Bowie's new work inspiring. McCartney, who'll release his 24th mainstream studio set, called New, on October 15th, spoke highly about Bowie's recent album The Next Day, which marked his return to recording after a decade long absence. McCartney touched upon Bowie being an enigmatic character, explaining, "People are always wondering what he's up to. You hear David's in New York not doing much, then there are reports in the papers about health scares and that he might not be doing anything again. And then he comes out with that. . . and it really is a good album, with such freshness, and yes, it is inspiring."
When asked if Bowie's new album directly influenced McCartney's new work: "By the time he'd released it I was a year into my album, so it wasn't a factor. I'm just in a very positive mood."
McCartney explained his deciding to work with such young producers as Mark Ronson, Ethan Johns, Giles Martin, and Paul Epworth: "There was a reason to work with each of these guys. Their age, well, it's good working with younger people, but really I don't think about it. Age goes away once you're in the studio. I don't think people sit around with Leonard Cohen and behave differently with him because of it and it's the same with me. I'm more interested in playing than thinking about it."
Back in 2000 Paul McCartney included a portrait of David Bowie, called "Bowie Spewing" in his book, Paintings. Although the former Beatle didn't intend for the painting to be of Bowie, his creativity took its own course. Prior to publishing it, he told Bowie about the painting after he titled it: "I was a bit embarrassed, 'cause I thought, 'God, y'know, if he suddenly hears that I'd done this picture, he might be insulted.' So I thought, 'Well, I better -- out of courtesy -- just ring him,' or actually write to him. And he wrote back and said, 'Well, let me see a print of it.' So I, I sent him off a print of it, and he had no problem with it, and he's told me to publish and be damned."

Photo Courtesy of Mary McCartney
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