Journey's Neal Schon Reaches Out To Steve Perry On Facebook
Thursday, August 1, 2013
Journey's Neal Schon Reaches Out To Steve Perry On Facebook
Journey guitarist Neal Schon posted an olive branch to long-estranged former frontman Steve Perry on his Facebook page. Schon, who along with keyboardist Jonathan Cain and co-founding bassist Ross Valory, parted ways with Perry in 1998, posted a YouTube link to a Perry radio interview along with a warm open message to his former collaborator, stating: "Great Steve Perry interview. I hope we can reach out to each other and connect once again. We had amazing chemistry together. I love him With all the love and admiration You could even have. Steve lets talk soon Neal."
Back in September 2012, Schon spoke candidly about the prospects of ever playing with Perry again telling Vintage Vinyl News, "I always answer it the same way and then everybody writes it like it's the first time I ever said it. You know, it's like, I've been saying it forever that we've always left the door open, you know? We didn't kick Steve out -- he walked. He went on to pursue his solo stuff and went out there playing our material before we did. He was out doing a solo tour and he was playing Journey songs and so at that point, I went 'there's no harm in Jon (Cain) and I trying to reform this band,' because we (were very involved too)."
Schon, who hasn't made music with Perry since 1996's Trial By Fire album, added at the time: "I hope that someday, that we can get to the point to where I can pick up the telephone and I can talk to him without talking through management and attorneys. I still don't quite realize why we can't just talk one on one, for whatever reason, just to say hello -- not to pressure anybody to do anything or anything like that -- it wouldn't be like that, just in a friendly manner."
When we last caught up with Steve Perry, he had nothing but accolades to throw Neal Schon's way. We asked him to recall the first time he saw Journey perform live prior to joining them: "Neal Schon. I saw Neal Schon play in a nightclub in L.A. back in the day called Starwood. And they were with Gregg Rolie at the time and Aynsley Dunbar, they were a fusion rock band at the time. And Neal would stand onstage with a white Stratocaster, with a (Fender) Twin Reverb (amp) kicked back and a wah-wah pedal set somewhere in the middle -- and not touch it. And he would scream the most unbelievable, soaring, majestic guitar, I had ever heard in my life."
Perry recalled joining Journey in 1977 during the recording of the following year's Infinity album and partnering with Neal Schon: "I certainly was the new kid on the block when I joined them, but I was okay with that -- bring it on! And wasn't afraid of reachin' and I think we pushed each other. The more I would reach, the more I was demanding on him to do something and the more he would come up with things, the more I'd be demanding him to come up with something that would work with him. It was a very important driving force."
Journey will next perform with Rascal Flatts on August 1st in Hershey, Pennsylvania at Hersheypark Stadium.

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