Queen Beats The Beatles In 'Top 100 Music Artist' Music Poll
Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Queen Beats The Beatles In 'Top 100 Music Artist' Music Poll
Queen has beaten the Beatles by taking the top spot in the recent "Top 100 Music Artists" poll from Over 21,000 voters placed the band above the "Fab Four" who came in at Number Two. The multi-generation list had Foo Fighters rounding out the Top Three, followed by relative newcomer Adele at Number Four, Muse at Number Five, Bon Jovi at Six, Iron Maiden at Seven, David Bowie coming in at Number Eight, the late Michael Jackson peaking at Number Nine, with Led Zeppelin closing out the Top 10.
Shortly before his death in 1991, frontman Freddie Mercury explained why he felt that Queen was able to stay successful throughout it's long and storied career: "The funny thing is, this sort of happened when we met. The four of us -- you won't believe it. I mean, people think, 'Oh, now they're fighting' -- we fought on virtually the first day, 'cause we used to know each other from university and all that. And we used to fight about musical ideas, this and that, because we're all very strong characters, y'know? We all have egos and all that, so we always kept fighting. But I think the fighting seems to keep us together, because I think bands break up when there's one very strong person and the others get left out and they think, 'Oh God. . .' But the four of us, we're very strong individually, so we keep going at each other. And I think the reason we've stayed together for so long is that none of us want to leave. Because if you leave, it's like being a coward. As long as the music is still there, as long as the people are still buying the music, then it's OK."
"Top 100 Music Artists" according to
1. Queen 2. The Beatles 3. Foo Fighters 4. Adele 5. Muse 6. Bon Jovi 7. Iron Maiden 8. David Bowie 9. Michael Jackson 10. Led Zeppelin 11. Metallica 12. Pink 13. AC/DC 14. Eminem 15. Pink Floyd 16. Guns N' Roses 17. Linkin Park 18. Green Day 19. Abba 20. Oasis 21. Bob Marley 22. The Rolling Stones 23. Elvis Presley 24. The Killers 25. Black Sabbath 26. Nirvana 27. Coldplay 28. Daft Punk 29. Take That 30. Blink 182 31. Beyonce 32. The Prodigy 33. 30 Seconds To Mars 34. Rihanna 35. Biffy Clyro 36. U2 37. Ed Sheeran 38. Johnny Cash 39. Robbie Williams 40. Meat Loaf 41. Bruce Springsteen 42. Aerosmith 43. Madness 44. Mumford & Sons 45. Amy Winehouse 46. Pearl Jam 47. Eurythmics 48. Fall Out Boy 49. Nickelback 50. Kings Of Leon 51. Red Hot Chili Peppers 52. Rammstein 53. The Doors 54. Fleetwood Mac 55. Slipkot 56. Bruno Mars 57. Electric Light Orchestra 58. Paramore 59. Queens Of The Stone Age 60. Jimi Hendrix 61. Florence & The Machine 62. Lady Gaga 63. David Guetta 64. Evanescence 65. Alice Cooper 66. Olly Murs 67. The Script 68. Radiohead 69. Creedence Clearwater Revival 70. Arctic Monkeys 71. Madonna 72. Prince 73. Nine Inch Nails 74. Kasabian 75. Kate Bush 76. Blondie 77. The Smiths 78. The Who 79. System Of A Down 80. Beastie Boys 81. Depeche Mode 82. Bob Dylan 83. Avenge 84. Rush 85. Rage Against The Machine 86. Bob Marley & The Wailers 87. Justin Timberlake 88. Michael Buble 89. Blur 90. Kylie Minogue 91. Jessie J 92. Emeli Sande 93. Duran Duran 94. Taylor Swift 95. Stereophonics 96. The Stone Roses 97. McFly 98. Kiss 99. Swedish House Mafia 100. Peter Gabriel
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