Barry Gibb 'Terrified' About Solo Tour
Thursday, July 18, 2013
Barry Gibb 'Terrified' About Solo Tour
Bee Gees legend Barry Gibb has admitted that he is nervous about his upcoming solo tour. The tour will be his first since the death of his brothers, Bee Gees members Maurice and Robin. Gibb told the UK's This Morning, "I'm a little terrified and a little nervous. But it's a very solid show and I think everyone who comes will have a great night because it is such a spectrum of music and such a spectrum of songs."
Gibb also talked about how difficult it was to keep going after his brothers' deaths. He explained, "Somehow you've got to go on, somehow you have got to live your own life and my family is huge and there is great spiritual strength. My wife said: 'Get up and do something and stop anguishing' and that got me back into the music."
He added, "I don't see my brothers, but I know they are there and the music is therapy."
Maurice died in 2003 and his twin Robin died last year. Their youngest sibling Andrew died in 1988 at age 30.
Meanwhile, Barry admitted in another interview that he didn't along with brothers Maurice and Robin when they were alive. He told The Daily Mail, "You see, it wasn't just the loss of my brothers, it was the fact we didn't really get on. And so I've lost all of my brothers without being friends with them. When Maurice passed, Robin and I just didn't feel like the Bee Gees anymore, because the Bee Gees were the three of us. So while Robin went around saying, 'I'll always be a Bee Gee', he didn't really want that: he wanted to be Robin Gibb, solo artist..."
Barry also revealed that he regrets not saying goodbye to his brothers, saying, "What drove me down was that we didn't get a chance to really say goodbye. The only time I felt we made up was when I kissed Robin on the head the last time I saw him before he died. I didn't get to see Andy before he died, and I never got to Maurice before he died. Mo (Maurice) died in two days, so that was very quick and a great shock to everyone."
Gibb also told the newspaper that he has not plans to attend Robin's memorial because he "doesnt' need to stand in a church" to mourn his brother. He said, "No, I can't do that (attend the service), because for me the grieving is over. It would throw me back into that dark place again... (I will leave it to Robin's close family)... or whoever really feels they have to do that..."
He added, "Robin is always with me. I don't need to stand in a church or be in some place where there's a ritual."

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