Lennon & McCartney Sons Back With New Music
Thursday, June 20, 2013
Lennon & McCartney Sons Back With New Music
Julian Lennon is back with the American release of his new album, Everything Changes. The collection, which was released internationally last year, marks Lennon's first full-length album since 1999's Photograph Smile. He spoke about the new collection to Rolling Stone, explaining, "I'm probably more comfortable with this album than any other in the sense that there's not one thing on this album that I twitch about. There are mistakes on the album, but I like the mistakes. They're part of the truth of the songs."
Julian, who's now 50 -- a full decade older than his father, John Lennon, was when he was murdered in 1980 -- touched upon why he felt the need to lay low from music for 14 years: "I got sick of the business. On the last album, which I worked very hard on -- I spent a year around the world promoting it, doing anything and everything. I just felt that all the other people I was hoping to be supported by just didn't come to the fore. I just said 'I'm done with this.'"
Lennon, who was interviewed at L.A.'s Sunset Marquis Hotel, spoke about Aerosmith's Steven Tyler appearing on "Someday" off the new album, which was his way of returning the favor for Julian's recent cameo on Aerosmith's last album: "I met Steven Tyler upstairs here in the bar. He was doing (American Idol) at the time, the Aerosmith album, and they were rehearsing for tour. He would always pop into the bar and see who was there and say hello before going to bed. I just walked behind him and grabbed his elbow and said, 'Mr. Tyler, Mr. Lennon.' Apparently I'd met him 30 years ago at the Hit Factory in New York when I was doing the first album (Valotte), but I didn't remember. It was just chaos at that time."
Julian Lennon hasn't toured since 1999 and told us that he has very specific ideas as to how he wants to make his stage return: "Believe you me, I wanna do live dates but I also wanna make sure the show's right and I also wanna do it in the right way, the way I wanna do it. I wanna work with partial orchestras -- y'know, so even though it'll be rock n' roll, a lot of the material that I do do, or have written is very thematic (with a lot of) great orchestration. And I did one show in Hong Kong with a full orchestra and it was the most amazing experience."
Paul McCartney's son, 35-year-old James McCartney, has been on the road over the past few months promoting his first full length album, called Me, which serves as the followup to two previously released EP's of original music. Although normally a man of very few words, he spoke in depth to The Daily Mail about his family life and past drug use. Although he wouldn't name which drug he was abusing, James, who now claims he's "several months sober," revealed that he sought help following the 1998 death of his mother, Linda McCartney: "That whole period was rough. I got more and more into drugs. I ended up going to rehab in Arizona after I had a bit of an episode. I didn't really think I needed it as I wasn't into hard drugs, so I left after a week."
He went on to talk about his life after his mother's death -- which coincided with a rift between he and his dad -- recalling, "I gave up drugs for a bit. I lived in Brighton and I got a girlfriend. That was the weirdest period for me. I walked around Brighton a lot. I walked miles. I found it very therapeutic. I thought about God a lot -- I have always been interested in spirituality and I'm reading the Bible right now. Then I broke up with my girlfriend and started doing drugs once again. . . I went a long time without seeing Dad. We drifted apart. We would talk on the phone every few months, but we went a long time without seeing each other. It was sad for both of us."
James touched upon his relationship with his two "step-mothers" -- McCartney's second wife, Heather Mills and current wife, Nancy Shevell: "My relationship with Heather was not very good. I didn't like her. But I wouldn't want to say anything negative about her because she's a good mother to Beatrice and that's the most important thing. Beatrice is adorable. She's great, a real joy for the whole family."
James went on to say: "Nancy's my new mother. I feel that. Definitely. She's very genuine. I knew her a year or so before she married Dad. She has been one of the biggest supporters of me doing this, pursuing my own dreams. She wants me to have my own career. She makes Dad very, very happy. We all adore her."
James McCartney next performs on August 1st at Chicago's City Winery Chicago.

Photo Courtesy of Subafilms Ltd / Bruce A Karsh
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