John Fogerty Celebrates Birthday With New Album, LA Gig
Tuesday, May 28, 2013
John Fogerty Celebrates Birthday With New Album, LA Gig
John Fogerty is celebrating his 68th birthday today (May 28th) with his latest album, Wrote A Song For Everyone, and a special one-off gig tonight at L.A.'s El Rey Theatre. The show, which starts at 8:30 PM PST, will be filmed and broadcast live on AXS TV. Wrote A Song For Everyone, which has been several years in the making, features high profile collaborations on Fogerty's classic songs -- including many of his Creedence Clearwater Revival standards. Highlights on the set include Bob Seger on "Who'll Stop The Rain," "Fortunate Son" with Foo Fighters, "Lodi" with Fogerty's sons Shane and Tyler -- along with "Born On The Bayou" with Kid Rock.
Other contributors include My Morning Jacket, Keith Urban, Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Miranda Lambert, Tom Morello, Jennifer Hudson, and Allen Toussaint.
John Fogerty told us that revisiting his classic songs in a new manner, with new players, gave his work a new lease on life: "It allowed me to feel like it's a brand new song. It's fresh to me, it's brand new. Way back when I did a live album of all my old songs, it was called Premonition; y'know, that was fun to do and all that, but I'm kinda doin' my catalogue. Y'know, they've been part of me, like a shirt, forever. And there's a certain feeling. . . I don't mean to say that's boring, it's just familiar. Whereas, having to go into something that was not familiar, and then getting that (claps) big kick -- it's a new thing. Y'know, just a brand new energy, or emotion connected to it."
John Fogerty took time out to once again address a possible reunion with surviving Creedence Clearwater Revival bandmates, his high school buddies, bassist Stu Cook and drummer Doug Clifford -- who now tour under the name, Creedence Clearwater Revisited. The original foursome reunited only once, when they briefly jammed at John's older brother and bandmate, Tom Fogerty's 1980 wedding. Tom died of AIDS following a blood transfusion in 1990.
Fogerty talked to Classic Rock Revisited about a CCR reunion with his old bandmates, explaining, "When the band broke up, I never had any problem not trying to abscond with the name Creedence as a solo artist. I just figured that you have to move on and try to write new songs. I just think that thing is from a certain time and it is untouchable, unless everybody is there. You can't do it unless everyone says it is okay to do it; that is how I approached it. It didn't look like that was ever going to happen."
He went on to say: "At the time, you have to understand, we had an agreement when we were in the band that nothing would ever happen concerning Creedence, unless we all four agreed; it took unanimous consent. It was honorable. I always considered that was sort of my protection, meaning that I was throwing everything that I had into this and I don't need somebody running off and going, 'Hey, look what I did.' I am actually the guy who wrote all of the songs. That was our agreement and it was an honorable agreement among gentleman. . . George Harrison had an interesting statement about (Beatles) reunions. The same statement works for me: 'There can be no reunion as long as Tom is dead.'"
Although there is far from any love lost between the surviving members of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Stu Cook told us that he'd at least be curious to see what he, Clifford, and Fogerty could come up with musically: "I wouldn't be doin' it just to, y'know, chase a buck. I, I would like to see if there's any way that adversaries. . . opponents. . . y'know, enemies could find a way to make peace. I'm always interested in that. I don't see the point of what's gone on for the last 40 years -- it hasn't helped John."
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