Mick Jagger Says Keith Richards Apologized For Portrayal In 'Life'
Sunday, May 12, 2013
Mick Jagger Says Keith Richards Apologized For Portrayal In 'Life'
Mick Jagger revealed that prior to the Rolling Stones regrouping for their 50 & Counting tour, Keith Richards needed to apologize for the swipes he through at the Stones frontman in his 2010 memoir, Life. In the book, Richards knocked Jagger for many things, most notably his solo albums -- and even a needless jab at the size of his penis. Jagger told Rolling Stone that Richards needed to make amends for dumping on him in such a public forum, explaining, "Well, I think it was a good thing he got together with me and said that. I don't really want to talk about it apart from that, but I think it's good that he said it, and yes, it was a prerequisite, really. You have to put those things to one side; you can't leave them unspoken. It's very tempting -- English people like to do that quite a lot. They don't like to face up to these things. Sometimes it's easy to push them out of the way, but I think it's good that we had that conversation."
When asked about whether he and Richards share a sibling-like relationship, he said, "People always say things like that. But I have a brother (Chris Jagger), you know? My relationship with my brother is a brotherly relationship, and it's nothing at all like my relationship with Keith, which is more like someone you work with, completely different. With a brother, you have parents in common. You have families in common. We don't have that, Keith and I. We work together. It's nothing to do with it being a brotherly relationship. I suppose if you didn't have a brother you might say that it was like being a brother. But being in a band is another kind of relationship."
He went on to say, "You work with someone for that long, it makes a lot of bonds, it makes a lot of memories and things you can relate to from your past. Oftentimes, when you have long relationships with people, you have reference points that you can evoke, if you wish. You have relationships with everyone in the band, and then also you have relationships with people in the periphery of the band, so it's a very large kind of group. But it isn't a family."
Mick Jagger explained that a lot of times in rock, people tend to romanticize the relationships between bandmembers: "I don't feel like a family, it's like a. . . The great difference is that people confuse families and gangs. A gang is a rather immature group, whereas a family is rather mature group. And you have to make the transference from being in a gang to being in a family. The gang never likes the fact that you have a family -- and vice versa; the family never likes the fact that you have a gang. It's hard in life to have to balance that. But definitely, the Rolling Stones is not a family -- it's a gang."

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