Artist React To Being Snubbed By Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Thursday, April 18, 2013
Artist React To Being Snubbed By Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Artists are eligible for induction 25 years after their debut release. For every handful of acts that enter the Rock Hall each year, there are dozens that never make it past the final ballot and hundreds more who aren't even in the running. The 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held tonight (April 18th) at L.A.'s Nokia Theater, with a truncated version of the evening's events airing on HBO on May 18th.
The Moody Blues have been eligible for induction since 1989. Frontman Justin Hayward told us that he's able to take being passed over for nearly 25 years in stride: "If it ever happens, there will be people saying, 'What are the Moody Blues in there? They don't deserve to be in' -- so that will always go on. But, it doesn't impact anyone who's European. They have no idea what it is -- it doesn't make the news or anything. I totally respect it here, though, because this Rock and Roll Hall of fame means something because it is in the land of my heroes. But that's where it stops, really. I don't lose any sleep over it."

Daryl Hall was asked if he's upset with the fact that he and John Oates have been eligible for induction since 1997 and have been passed over year after year: "Bottom line; no. But other bottom line if you wanna look at two bottom lines -- everything is perception. Most people already think that we're already in it and they can't believe it when they say we're not. What my peers think and what my audience thinks matters to me. I'd rather have Al Green or Paul McCartney come up to me and say they love my music than (Rolling Stone publisher and Rock Hall chairman) Jann Wenner saying nothing about me. Y'know what I mean? If he wants to put me in fine. Maybe I'll show up."
Despite "The Twist" being one of the biggest and most influential hits of the rock era, Chubby Checker, who has been eligible since the Rock Hall's inaugural in 1986, is resigned to the fact that he won't be inducted: "It's not a big deal. I mean, it's not completed without me anyway. I just like to talk about what we've done in the music business and what is still being done as a result of our being in the music industry and that will just put the Hall of Fame to shame. We don't need to talk about them. It's no sense. The Hall is not completed without Chubby Checker. What we've done is so incredible. It's okay."
Three Dog Night has been eligible for induction since 1993. Co-founder Chuck Negron says they've consistently been passed over simply because the group didn't write their biggest hits: "It's a very strange thing. For some reason Three Dog Night has been stuck with this stigma that we weren't innovative and that's mind-boggling. Based all on the fact that we didn't write (our own material). We changed the music . . . the landscape of the touring business, we created stadium tours. And, y'know, if you're going to talk about writing, Elvis Presley didn't write a song."
Chicago co-founder and trumpeter Lee Loughnane (pronounced: Lock-nee) takes it in stride that, despite being eligible since 1994, the band has yet to be inducted: "We've met all the criteria and that's just another one that we've passed. If they make up any more, we've already surpassed those all ones. So if we make it into the Hall of Fame, it's great. If not, we're still workin' and havin' fun at it. And, y'know, the Hall of Fame will always be there. I think. I know we will (laughs)." )
Eric Carmen says that although the Raspberries have long been cited as "power pop" innovators and have been eligible for induction since 1997, they simply lack the political clout to get into the Rock Hall: "Having been in the music business now for 35 years, or whatever it is, and having had situations where I've bumped into Jann Wenner and some of the powers that be over there, there is so much politics involved in anybody actually getting into the Rock Hall."

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