Paul Simon Prepping Jazz-Influence Album
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Paul Simon Prepping Jazz-Influence Album
Paul Simon is recording the followup to his criticality acclaimed 2011 release, So Beautiful Of So What. According to The Jakarta Globe, the jazz influenced set will feature such jazz notables as singer Bobby McFerrin and drummer Jack DeJohnette, although no release date has been announced.
Simon said that premiering new material usually depends on the type of venue he's playing, explaining, "What I find is that if you play new material and play it well, and if people can hear it clearly, then there's an excitement. I'm going to be playing at a festival and it's a big venue and it doesn't particularly lend itself to new songs that might require a lot of concentration. There's a general atmosphere of people having a good time, talking, drinking. Festivals are more fun when you play the more familiar songs, when you play up-tempo stuff so people can dance. I tend to make 'em more like rhythm shows.
Simon went on to say that these days, he sees himself as a part-time performer: "Most years, I do 30 shows. I am more with family than I am on the road."
Paul Simon told us that these days rather than thinking long and hard about what type of material he's writing, he allows the music to come about organically: "They come out the way the come out, I don't plan them. When I start a song, I don't know what it's going to be about, and my criterion is 'Did I say something that was true as far as I knew.' And that's all. And then try to make it sound interesting and maybe have a good rhythm so that people can feel rhythm while they're listening. Y'know, I think I'm a rhythm songwriter who doesn't write for dance."
Paul Simon will next perform on March 27th in Hindmarsh, Australia.

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