The Eagles To Go Unplugged For Part Of Next Tour
Thursday, February 7, 2013
The Eagles To Go Unplugged For Part Of Next Tour
The Eagles' upcoming 40th anniversary tour may feature some truly unplugged performances. The trek, which has yet to be announced will feature Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit -- and at least one other former group member, according to Henley. Henley told Philadelphia's WMGK that the idea for the anniversary tour -- which actually fall on the Eagles' 41st -- is to "kind of go back to the roots of how we created some of these songs and how we used to sit around in a semi-circle rehearsing. We're gonna break it down to the fundamentals, and then take it up to where it is now."
Henley spoke frankly to Rolling Stone about the band's new documentary History Of The Eagles, which is premiering this month on Showtime and heading to DVD next month: "Some of it was painful -- you know, the self-destructive behavior that a lot of young people go through. The insecurities, the fear, the feelings of unworthiness, we don't deserve this, and the feeling that it's all going to disappear up in smoke tomorrow. It's a dream I'm having and it's all going away. That sort of thing. And it was sort of painful to relive all of that. And of course the substance abuse was part of it, and of course all the time that was wasted that could have been more productive time."
Guitarist and Eagles co-founder Bernie Leadon, who played on the band's first four albums and was replaced by Joe Walsh in 1975, is the member most fans are betting will be joining the group on tour this year. Leadon remembers being impressed early on by Henley's songwriting talents: "When the band started, Henley wasn't really writing. So, he only co-wrote one song on the first album -- that was 'Witchy Woman' with me. And then the second album he comes out with this full-blown, masterpiece song 'Desperado.' Now, how could he do that? I don't know, except the fact that he was an English major, so he understood storytelling, he understood language. (Laughs) He pulled that out of a dark and hidden place."

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