Kiss Drummers Getting Catty With Each Other
Saturday, December 1, 2012
Kiss Drummers Getting Catty With Each Other
Current Kiss drummer Eric Singer is snapping back at some of the digs Peter Criss threw his way in his new autobiography, Makeup to Breakup: My Life In And Out of Kiss. Both Criss -- and certain die-hard fans -- take umbrage at the fact that Singer dresses in Criss' signature cat makeup onstage. Singer, who bookended Criss' reunion stints in the band, told Ultimate Classic Rock, "I don't have nothing against the guy, he's done nothing to me personally. I may have my own personal opinions of how I feel about him as a drummer, or how he's conducted himself, that I may or may not agree with everything, but that's really their (Criss, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley's) beef."
Singer, a childhood Kiss fan, was instrumental in getting Criss back into the Kiss fold prior to the 1995 reunion and along with current guitarist Tommy Thayer, reportedly helped Criss get reacquainted with the long forgotten Kiss material: "You gotta remember, this is Peter's chance to get some more attention for himself. Because, he really hasn't done much since he's been out of Kiss . . . it's understandable why people become negative, or bitter, or cynical about something, but hopefully, they say that time heals, and I do believe that's true. Hopefully, we all get to that place in our lives when we look back at our experiences, and we try to remember the positive and the better things about them, rather than the negative and bad things."
Gene Simmons remains baffled at why Peter Criss decided to leave the band at the beginning of the decade following such a triumphant reunion tour and album: "Most people only have one chance, if at all, to swing the bat. Peter's had many chances. When there's a party, not everybody comes. And if you're not in the party, from the outside looking in, you scratch your head and say, 'Why wouldn't anybody want to go to the party? Lots of girls. Lots of money. Lots of good times.' You got me."

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