Jimmy Page Talks Post-Reunion Led Zeppelin Rehearsals
Monday, November 26, 2012
Jimmy Page Talks Post-Reunion Led Zeppelin Rehearsals
Jimmy Page has finally shed light on the post-Led Zeppelin reunion rehearsals following the band's 2007 O2 concert, now available on CD and DVD as Celebration Day. Page, who along with John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham, kept the instrumental end of Zeppelin well-oiled following the 2007 show, and eventually brought in guest vocalists Steven Tyler and Myles Kennedy to possibly fill in for Robert Plant -- who made it clear he wanted nothing to do with gearing the band up for a reunion tour.
Page spoke about Zeppelin following through at the time with it's first official live dates since 1980, revealing to Rolling Stone, "Some of us thought we would be continuing, that there were going to be more concerts in the not-too-distant-future. Because there was a lot of work being put into the show."
He spoke frankly about Plant staying away from the trio's rehearsals: "He was busy. He was doing his Alison Krauss project. I wasn't fully aware it was going to be launched at the same time. So what do you do in a situation like that? I'd been working with the other two guys for the percentage of the rehearsals at the O2. We were connecting well. The weakness was that none of us sang."
Page revealed that tapes exist of the Page, Jones, and Bonham rehearsals: "We didn't do any professional recording. "We just had a little digital recorder. I thought it was good. I wasn't going to walk away from it. But the weakness came up again. It was, 'We gotta have a singer.'"
He went on to say that three members had an eye on recording a new album and hitting the road with another lead singer: "It sounded premature. I could see what way it was going. Various people thought we should go on tour. I thought we needed a good, credible album, not do something that sounded like we were trying to milk the O2. The timing wasn't the best. We had put so much toward the O2. And the three of us were catching up with stuff. It was very good, seriously promising. But there was this other thing going on. . . And that's it."
Jimmy Page explained that the O2 concert was a chance to rectify some of Zeppelin's less-than-stellar post-breakup reunion performances: "We had the opportunity to get together again -- which is what we had there, to do the O2 -- with those, y'know, things that left us a bit uncomfortable like the Live Aid and Atlantic 40th (anniversary concert), etc. But we really just wanted to get it right and go out there to play to people who maybe never heard us, who had heard about this reputation and what we're about, and basically go out and stand out and be counted for what we were."

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